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The Nordik Group Starts Construction on Its Third Spa in Whitby

Posted on Monday June 11, 2018
Site view

Whitby, ON - The Nordik Group is pleased to announce the start of construction on its third Nordic-style nature spa in Whitby, part of the Greater Toronto Area, within Cullen Central Park. Well-known entrepreneurs Martin Paquette and Daniel Gingras are thrilled to report that the official opening of the spa is scheduled for Fall 2019.

The Nordik Spa-Nature | Whitby Project

This new relaxation destination will be built on a 385,423-square-foot site in the heart of Whitby, only 45 km away from downtown Toronto, and will be able to accommodate up to 1,100 people per day. It promises its guests an avant-garde, innovative, and multi-sensory rejuvenation experience. LEMAYMICHAUD, the renowned Montreal-based architecture and design firm, will collaborate with the Nordik Group’s internal Projects and Design team to develop the concept of the future spa. This project will take shape under the supervision and expertise of Matheson Constructors.

Nordik Spa-Nature | Whitby is a 20-million-dollar investment. The regional economy will benefit from the creation of 300 jobs in the years to come. What’s more, Nordik Group upholds a policy of support and engagement within the communities of their establishments. The economic impact of this establishment will fuel local companies and providers.

“We are pleased to welcome this famous tourist destination to our vibrant and growing community,» said Whitby Mayor Don Mitchell. «The spa’s opening next year will not only create local jobs here in Whitby, it will also add to what makes our Town a wonderful place to live, work and play.”
Spa facilities will harmonize with the natural decor of the inspiring Cullen Central Park. “The location captivated us from the beginning. When choosing the location for a new spa, we look for sites that are surrounded by nature and have easy access to a city. Cullen Central Park meets both of these criteria. We feel happy and fortunate to have the chance to build a spa in this stunning location and to contribute to the health and wellness of the people of Whitby and the surrounding communities,” explained Daniel Gingras, the Nordik Group’s Vice-President, Marketing and Corporate Development.

Unique setups and innovative experiences

During all four seasons, guests will be able to experience the thermal cycle thanks to a variety of dry saunas, steam saunas, outdoor baths (hot, cold, and thermal), waterfalls, cascades, and many interior and exterior resting points on site. An array of wellness massages, body care, treatments and rituals will also be offered to create the ultimate relaxation experience. The highlight will be the floating salt-water pool that will attract wellness enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the extraordinary experience of weightlessness. The spa will also feature three dining areas and two distinct sections, making the relaxation experience possible in silence or in a social setting.

A sauna event space able to accommodate up to 120 people will sit at the heart of the site. It will be equipped with visual and multi-sensory tools able to create a wide range of impressive rituals. In addition, virtual reception posts will allow guests to take full advantage of their access to the site, reserve a treatment or a ritual, and plan their spa visit independently.

“Many technological components are at the heart of our operations to optimize the customer experience when they register before and during their visit to the spa, but also to offer innovative and leading-edge installations that monitor and control the water quality, which is a priority for Group Nordik spas. This project is very stimulating for wellness artists like us!” said Martin Paquette, CEO and co-owner of the Nordik Group.

“The guiding principles of this project’s design are the flow between areas, optimal space management, and respect for the environment. Our acquired experience in the spa industry has brought us to the next level. We’re incredibly thrilled to be launching the construction of our third nature spa in the GTA next spring,” said Antoine Lagarec, Project and Design Manager.

The Nordik Spa-Nature Experience
The wellness of spa guests is at the core of the Nordik Spa-Nature experience. Nordik spas offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in an enveloping natural setting to contribute to the health and wellness of their guests. The facilities allow spa-goers to take part in the thermal cycle while gaining inspiration from the tradition of Scandinavian countries. This thermotherapy treatment involves the alternation between hot and cold, ending with a rest period. Based on a 2000-year-old tradition, this relaxation ritual with multiple health benefits has been used for centuries in Europe — and now it can be experienced in Canada.


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