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Whitby Hydro has been providing the electricity distribution services to Whitby since 1903. The rates charged by the utility are approved by the Ontario Energy Board, and the Conditions of Service which outlines requirements of connection to the distribution system, can be found on the Whitby Hydro web site.

Whitby Hydro
100 Taunton Road East
Whitby, ON L1N 5R8
Customer Service 905.668.8480

Electricity Rates

Electricity rates are calculated based on either Time-of-Use Pricing or Tiered Pricing. Current Tiered Pricing rates are shown below:

Non-residential Tiered Electricity Rates
(Ontario Energy Board: effective May 1, 2018)
Up to 750 kWh per month$0.077/kWh
More than 600 kWh per month$0.089/kWh
These rates do not include applicable taxes.

Additional Charges:

Pass-Through: Charges from other agencies that Whitby Hydro collects, without mark up, and passes on.
Whitby Hydro: Charges for Whitby Hydro's distribution system and services (this typically represents approximately 20% of the total bill).