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Labour Costs

Labour costs in Ontario are globally competitive. Employer-sponsored benefits are a fraction of the cost of US benefits because of the publicly-funded health care system in Canada. 

Benefit Costs for Ontario's Employers:

Benefits DescriptionMandatory Paid by Employer
Canada Pension Plan (CPP)To maximum premium of CAD $2,593.80year (2018)4.95%
Employment Insurance (EI)To maximum premium of CAD $1,201.51/year (2018) unless a reduced premium rate applies1.66%
Workplace Safety and Insurance BoardVaries (depends on industry and # of employees)  
 Rate for Motor Vehicle Assembly Operations (2018)3.06%
 Rate for Electric Power Generation (2018)0.74%
 Rate for Pharmaceuticals & Medicines (2018)0.89%
Employer Health Tax (EHT)Applied to eligible payroll over CAD $400,0001.95%
Vacation(2 weeks)4.00%
Paid Public Holidays(9 days)3.60%
Pension Contribution N/A
Group InsuranceLife, Health, Sickness, Dental, Vision, Physical/Mental FitnessN/A
Source: Town of Whitby Human Resources Department, 2018