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Natural Gas

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Enbridge Gas provides natural gas throughout Whitby. Natural gas is cost competitive, and used for space heating, cooking and industrial applications. Advisors can help educate businesses on how energy conservation initiatives can save long-term costs.   For more information on rates and incentives, including a rate calculator, visit Enbridge.

Commercial and Industrial Natural Gas Rates (Enbridge Gas):

Commercial and Industrial ServiceMonthly Rates
(October 1, 2018)

Customer Charge


First 50010.5235 /m
Next 1,0508.4081/m
Next 4,5006.9268 /m
Next 7,0005.9751 /m
Next 15,2505.5522 /m
Over 28,3005.4460 /m
Transportation Charge4.9407 /m
Gas Supply Charge10.0713 /m

Connection charges may apply and are determined by the availability of gas at the site, the pressure required, and other factors.