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The Town of Whitby is an environmentally-friendly community committed to reducing, reusing and recycling. Whenever possible, the Town embraces new ways to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve water, electricity and hydro.

Whitby's hydro service is reliable and rates are competitive with other Ontario locations. Hydro incentive programs can help businesses become more energy-efficient.

  • Enbridge Gas provides natural gas throughout Whitby.
  • The Region of Durham collects and processes Whitby's waste and Blue Box recyclables, and provides its water and sanitary services.
  • High-speed broadband access is available in Whitby. The major wired service providers (Bell, Rogers), and a number of wireless service providers are operating in Whitby.

Read this Utilities section of the website for additional information on the Town's telecommunications, hydro, natural gas, waste and water and sanitary services.