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Water & Sanitary

Water and sanitary services are provided by the Regional Municipality of Durham.

Regional Water Supply

Water for Durham Region is supplied by three separate plants. Water-pumping stations and water storage reservoirs are controlled by a central computer system.

  • Elevated water storage facilities provide water by gravity for balancing pressures, fire protection, and an emergency reserve
  • The Region ensures that the water supply is safe and reliable, now and into the future, for industrial, commercial and residential customers

Raw Water Supply

Durham Region's raw water system supplies industrial users with large volumes of inexpensive processed water.

Sewage Treatment

Two water pollution control plants, at Pringle Creek and Corbett Creek, treat sewage in the Region. Gravity sewers discharge sewage to the water pollution control plants.

Water and Sanitary Sewer Billing (Region of Durham)

Both water and sanitary sewer rates change with different tiers of usage, called "Blocks". The Region of Durham's current water and sanitary sewer rates are shown below:

BlockVolume IntervalsWater Rate (2018) Sanitary Sewer Rate (2018)
First Block0 to 45 cubic metres/month$1.100/cubic metre$1.760/cubic metre
Second Block46 to 4,500 cubic metres/month$0.935/cubic metre$1.549/cubic metre
Third BlockOver 4,500 cubic metres/month
$0.859/cubic metre$1.302/cubic metre
Visit the Region of Durham Public Works for more information on Whitby's water and waste water.