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Clean Technology

Why Clean Technology business is growing in Whitby

Whitby is in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and is centrally located in Durham Region. Whitby and Durham's strengths in the Clean Technology sector include:

  • A cluster of companies specializing in technologies to support the nuclear and manufacturing industries. Durham Region - Ontario's Energy Capital (PDF 12 mB)
  • Strong base of expertise in manufacturing, nuclear energy and technical consulting services
  • Excellent access to the Canadian, US and international markets
  • Well-educated workforce - over 94% of Whitby residents 25-64 years old have a high school certificate, post-secondary diploma or degree, and employers can access a diverse labour force with experience in a range of occupations
  • Strong educational institutions:
    • Large portion of University of Ontario Institute of Technology's external research funding is for energy related projects
    • Durham College has a lead position in skills training programs in Renewable Energy Technologies
  • The Town of Whitby and Region of Durham have a culture of collaboration and has fostered industrial/ academic/ government partnerships to develop:
    • A regional innovation centre, Spark Centre, which nurtures the growth of high-technology start-up companies; 
    • 1855 Whitby - Innovation Accelerator where entrepreneurs can scale their start-up venture, grow sales and expand staffing 
    • Innovative projects, such as the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Project to gather data relevant for the introduction of Smart Grid technologies.
  • Strong electrical generation capability exists including the infrastructure to support its growth in nuclear, large hydro and thermal
  • Strong Local Distribution Companies are active in pursuing the introduction of new technologies
  • Government programs are in place to support research and commercialization.

Why Whitby?

Clean technology companies choose Whitby for its:

  • Skilled Labour Force
  • World-Class Education and Training
  • Unique Facilities for Research and Commercialization
  • Competitive Business Costs
  • Access to High-Speed Broadband
  • Convenient Transportation Links
  • Superior Quality of Life to Attract and Retain Talent

In addition, government programs and financial incentives for manufacturers help offset hiring, job training, export development, research and development costs.

View our success stories and learn why several companies choose Whitby and Durham Region as their Community of Choice. Contact Whitby's Economic Development Office for additional support or information.

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Ontario's Ebergy Capital Map