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China Connection

In recognition of the rise of the Chinese economy as a leading world economic power, the various levels of government have developed an ongoing program to build investment and trade linkages with China.

The Government of Canada has developed a Global Commerce Strategy.  China is one of the priority markets.  The Canadian Government supports an ongoing program of trade missions, a number of which have been led by the Prime Minister or Ministers of International Trade.

The Government of Ontario has strongly advocated partnerships with China and has had a twinning relationship with the Province of Jiangsu since 1985.  Ontario has offices in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Beijing.  Ontario has also supported an ongoing program of trade missions to China, including a number led by Premiers and Ministers. 

Durham Region Econmic Development began an outreach program to China in 2012 and has organized a number of missions led by the Regional Chair and other senior officials.  Friendship agreements have been signed with Zibo City and Changping.  The Region has also engaged a full-time agent representing the Region in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province to identify business opportunities for Durham companies and investment leads.

Following the lead of senior levels of governments, Whitby Town Council approved the Chinese Investment Attraction and Trade Strategy in 2013. This strategy lays out the following key initiatives:

  1. Expand Whitby's network of GTA Chinese contacts
  2. Develop friendship and economic partnership agreements with Chinese communities (e.g. City of Yixing, Peoples Republic of China)
  3. Implement a China marketing plan to establish and maintain contacts and increase Whitby's opportunities for investment attraction and business trade
  4. Increase outreach for new investment and trade lead generation and more proactive investor servicing.