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Employment Resources

A choice of employment resources

Employers have access to a diverse, educated labour force, highly experienced in a diverse range of industries and occupations.

The following local organizations will help you recruit qualified employees:

  • Durham College Hired Portal allows employers access to services and resources through an exclusive online home for Career Development and Co-operative Education. 
  • Durham College Career Development enables employers to recruit and hire students and graduates of Durham College. Career development can also help employers connect with students and graduates by offering free job-posting services, on-campus recruiting opportunities and resources. 
  • The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Career Centre advertises job postings, posts internship and/or co-op opportunities, provides information on campus job and career fairs, and conducts campus information and recruitment sessions.
  • The Durham Region Unemployment Help Centre (DRUHC) operates an online job postings database and forwards prescreened resumes at no charge.  Based on eligibility, some inital costs of training new employees may be offset.
  • John Howard Society of Durham is an Employment Ontario funded service provider  and provides free office space for mass hires/job fairs, training incentives/wage subsidy support for job placements, job posting services, job matching, participant and resume screening, flyer and ad development and distribution.
  • Employment and Social Development Canada offers staffing support information to assist companies.
  • YMCA Durham Employment & Community offers job postings, job fairs, position matching between skills and job requirements, potential wage subsidies.