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Demographics & Statistics

The numbers speak for themselves. Whitby is a choice location.

World Council on City Data - ISO 37120 Platinum Certification 
In March 2019, the Town of Whitby achieved the World Council on City Data (WCCD) ISO 37120 Platinum Certification. This accomplishment underscores Whitby's stature as a global city that is committed to data and is now a member of the WCCD global network of like-minded cities. For more information, visit the WCCD Data for Open Portal.  

WCCD iso platinum

Town-level Statistics:
To generate customized reports using demographic and statistical data for the Town of Whitby and the Province of Ontario, click on the link below (Powered by EDTools*).   

This report generating tool presents spreadsheets with summarized data, useful for site selectors, investors and researchers.  To create a spreadsheet report (Excel or PDF), simply check data boxes, and click on the appropriate "Create Spreadsheet" button.

Custom Location-Specific Reports Now Available:
You can now order custom location-specific demographic reports from the Whitby Public Library's PCensus page, with detailed information on consumer behaviour.  View this example report (PDF, 1.1MB) to see the data for areas within a 15-minute drive of the Downtown Whitby branch. Contact Dean Nickerson at the Reference Department if you would like a custom report.

Disclaimer for EDTools:
Population data is derived from Manifold's proprietary data product "SuperDemographics." Manifold is an Authorized User of selected Statistics Canada Computer File(s) and Distributor of Derived Information Product(s) under Licensing Agreement 6630. Manifold's statistics may vary from publications of the Durham Region Planning Department which may use different methodologies to estimate and/or forecast population growth.

For further information on the methodology and  sources for collecting the data, please read the attached report (44.0KB).